Elektra US Labels

Last Update: 04. januar 2006

This label was used from spring 1966. A large stylized block "E" with "elektra" below it, centered above the spindle hole. Label color varied from tan or gold to silver-grey.




In the late summer of 1969, the Elektra label changed color to red with white print, but still used the same design as previously. The red label with the large "E" logo lasted until about late summer, 1970.

Around September, 1970, the label changed design altogether, to a multicolor label with a butterfly design. The butterfly was to the right of the center hole, ap-parently landing on the same "E" logo as was used previously. Promotional copies used the same design, but were white with black print.





About mid-1979, the label reverted to a red label with the "E" logo in white, but smaller than the logo used in the 1969-70 design.

Label used from late 1983