Last Update: 16. november 2006

Arthur Lee
March 7, 1945 - August 3, 2006
R.I.P.Copenhagen April 22. 2004. Photo: Torben Skott

The Rock & Roll Troubadour and More

Who is this man so filled with soul?
What are the words he sings to those who search for hope?
He is the slender man with a bulging heart.
Whose fingers enjoy a love affair with notes and measures.

His eyes have seen places that fill the mind with delight.
His lungs have tasted the air of a thousand different corners.
Watch him dance in step with the rhythms that reach the spirit.
The poetic gift that links generations and transcends class.

A voice of many styles sings to those who do not dine together.
The man whose black hat rides atop the tightly tied scarf
Knows the highs and lows that burst forth upon the living.
The craftsman who finds breath using the tools of his trade.

A man of faith who knows of powers beyond his own.
Believes in the beauty and value of love.
Never withheld a gift that was not his to imprison.
Finds life in bestowing presents made of chords and codas.

Knows the love of a woman known for three decades and more.
Trusted in the possibilities that come with each new day.
Dreams of the refrain yet written and the songs yet recorded.
Gracious host to those who live an unusual time table.

by Mike Revord, a hospital Chaplin who came to know Arthur in his last few months.

Forrest Lawn - Hollywood Hills Cemetery, Los Angeles

Memorial message from Lucy's El Adobe.
This is the place where there was a gathering after the funeral.