Last Update: 06. november 2003

Unknown Songs

Going through songs copyrighted to Arthur Lee at BMI, I came across some unknown songs (at least for me).
Was these ever recorded?
Before the dawn (A. Lee)
Drag strip (A. Lee - John Echols)
Four O’clock (A. Lee - Dora C. Larsen)
Render service (A. Lee - Mrs. Arthur Lee)
Semi psychedelic jam (A. Lee) Shadago (A. Lee - Chris Towns)
Short dog (A. Lee)
Summer session (A. Lee)
Surfin sanctuary (A. Lee)
Tidal wave (A. Lee)
When the savior comes home (A. Lee - Mrs. Arthur Lee)
White caps (A. Lee)

More info about these Disco Style Outtakes ?
Vessels of pleasure
Save It (Lee)
Alice (Lee, Otis, McCormick)
Cookies (Shake your cookies) (Lee, Otis, McCormick)

Label number on the Rhino release of Dr. Rhino & Mr. Hyde Rhino ?

The Goldmine 45rpm Record Price Guide list the following:
Revelation/Que vida Elektra 45613 (Stock/DJ)
Alone again or/A house is not a motel Elektra 45700 (Stock/DJ)
Do either of these exist?

Was these withdrawn before release?
Que vida (2.07 edit)/Hey Joe Elektra EK 45613 (67)

Terry Hounsomes Singles Files book lists Good times as the b-side to I’m with you - does this exist?

Various Artists:A selection of rock tracks Polydor PPLP009 (LP)
Promo Only Compilation
What Song / Songs?

There are some other compilations I don't know what songs are on, please look under Various Artists and let me know if you can help.