Notes on a Coffee Cup

Last Update: 29. juni 2016


June 29, 2016

Really enjoyed lunch in Stamford on our way to Norwich. Had a series of hilarious texts with the Lovely Lady (or, as they call her in York… “Thoo Looovly Laideee” LOL!), which seems to inevitably involve Stevie Starkiller. Speaking of which, fans are now asking for HIS autograph! WTF? He’s at the merch table if you want to talk Star Wars stuff.

On our way to the Big Smoke. Was great to see Gill Oakley last night, as we ain’t seen her in ages. It was especially wonderful to see David Housden, who we hadn’t seen since 2002, methinks. There is a whole story about him that’s fantastic but I’m being called to get on the bus. Hello, London….Oh false alarm…

Back on to lap top. Mike “Ringo” Harrison said 11am be at the bus. Then, he and Steve changed it to 11:30 after we’d polished off a bottle of Red. But this morning I texted Ringo to confirm 11am (i’d forgotten the “11:30” chat - and, really, was I supposed to remember?) and he said “OK”. Stevie said that, for him to “OK” 11am in a text, he deserves to have his testicles